Before you make a serious commitment to your mate… in other words, move in together, get married, proclaim everlasting love, or do whatever takes your relationship to the next level, make sure you’ve negotiated the terms of your relationship. Love and lust are grand, but sometimes they blind us to the practical realities of being in a close relationship. It is always wise to identify and articulate needs and expectations in case there are incompatibilities that will later strain or breakup your relationship.

Have you discussed the possibility of having children? Do you know how you will handle your finances? Have you disclosed your career aspirations and where they will lead you? Are there medical conditions, past or current relationships, pets, or other factors that might affect your relationship? This is just a sampling of what to take into account other than your love for one another.

Ask the hard questions NOW… not later when it may be too late to negotiate a successful resolution or compromise re: your differences.
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