Sustaining a satisfying and loving relationship is not always easy. Sometimes we need a little help from someone who can give us new strategies and skills for communicating, resolving conflicts, maintaining our sex lives, and/or redefining our relationship goals and directions.

As the inevitable happens, i.e., as perspectives change and personal growth occurs, sometimes we need to reconnect as the people we are now, not who we were when we met. That means renegotiating needs and expectations, and setting new boundaries… in other words, it means pressing the “reset” button. This is not always possible without outside intervention, especially when trauma has occurred (like infidelity or loss) or dysfunctional patterns have become “hardwired in”. ┬áCouples Counselling Victoria (CCV) can help you rejuvenate, tune up, or salvage your relationship, no matter what stage or state it is in.

If you are experiencing difficulties, contact CCV today… do not wait until your relationship is beyond repair!

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