Let’s face it, unless one lives in a vacuum, we are constantly in relationship with other people, and the most challenging type of relationship is the one we have with our significant other.

Couples Counselling Victoria (CCV) takes pride in offering a new approach to couples counselling. Whereas couples counselling has previously been limited to married or common-law heterosexual couples, CCV extends its reach to significant relationships between any two people at any stage in their relationship. In other words, YOU get to define the word “Couple”.

Accepted for counselling at CCV are:

– Heterosexual, LGBT, Polyamorous, Pansexual, and ??? couples

– Couples who are in non-committed relationships (i.e., who are dating)

– Couples who are in committed relationships (i.e., who are married, common law, or partners)

– Couples who are thinking of separating (i.e., who are breaking up, legally separating, divorcing)
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